Answer Sure

Your barrier against invasive phone scams and spam.

If you’re committed to protecting your loved ones, then Answer Sure is for you.

Why choose Answer Sure?

We vet incoming calls before they reach you.

We track suspicious calls for future reference.

We put you and your loved ones at ease.

You gain confidence that you’re shielded from potential ID theft and fraud.

What we offer. . .

Landline Service and Mobile App

Landline service secured in four simple steps.
Mobile app offers peace of mind on the go.


This is one of the best solutions for elderly loved ones who are hounded by phone scammers. That extra layer of protection is easy to set up and puts everyone at ease.

D. McClean

Answer Sure has been a life saver. We were being plagued by scam calls and ultra aggressive insurance brokers preying on seniors, and it’s no longer an issue. Their customer service has been stellar.

K. Asakawa

Answer Sure was easy to install and utilize. The live person on the other end was easy to work with. This was an all-around seamless process, and the outcome – priceless!

T. Koehler,

BrightStar Care

When my mom was nearly scammed out of her life’s savings, I feared she would give out her personal information and get bombarded with unwarranted sales calls. Answer Sure eliminated that fear.

J. Garcia

Answer Sure terminated the unwanted calls – definitely worth the price.

The peace of mind they give is priceless.

J. Battle

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